Exporting to a Mac Data File (.olm) allows macOS users running Outlook to create a copy of their email messages, contacts, and other items. These files are not mountable and can be thought of as backup to your mailbox.

export to Archive file (.olm)

Like .pst’s found on Windows systems, .olm’s often create problems for organizations.

  • Can get corrupted or lost easily
  • Contents are difficult to target during an e-discovery
  • Can consume large amounts space and be difficult to backup
  • Are difficult to identify and collect during a data migration

So your organization is working to consolidate .olm data into Microsoft Exchange or possibly ingest it into Office 365? One of the biggest hurdles you may face is in collecting the data from each of the Mac’s.

For this reason I developed an automated scripted process that identifies and copies .olm data from Mac computers. The data is securely transported over an encrypted connection and is stored on an encrypted repository. The repository can be located either on-premises or in the cloud via services such as Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean or Amazon EC2 instances. This process allows the administrator to collect the data as long as the Mac has a connection to the internet, all while minimally impacting the user.

Once the data is collected to a centralized repository the migration team can take the next steps in converting and migrating the content.

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