Search and copy .olm files from systems running macOS

Exporting to a Mac Data File (.olm) allows macOS users running Outlook to create a copy of their email messages, contacts, and other items. These files are not mountable and can be thought of as backup to your mailbox.

export to Archive file (.olm)

Like .pst’s found on Windows systems, .olm’s often create problems for organizations.

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PST Migrations

Selection_006PSTs are a major problem for organizations.  They contain business-critical information yet they are typically stored locally on  users desktop or laptop computers. Inconsistent and decentralized data makes e-discovery a major obstacle for legal teams.

I recently completed a PST migration where we moved 30 terabytes of PST data (15,000+ PSTs) into an Enterprise Vault data archiving system. We selected TransVault Insight as our PST discovery tool for this project.

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