Media playback in Rhythmbox music player

Rhythmbox uses the GStreamer plugin system for media decoding. The plugins that are installed will determine which formats you will be able to play.

By default Fedora 23 includes the necessary plugins for decoding free formats. To search for the packages that support the media you want to play visit GStreamer.

A quick search on our Fedora 23 system reveals which plugins are pre-installed

rpm -qa | grep gstreamer


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GDM woes – Oh no! Something has gone wrong

After running a combination of Ubuntu and Fedora for the past two years I felt ready to try something new. Arch is a rolling-release distribution which offers the latest  packages that are considered stable from upstream developers. As an example when the GNOME project releases an update to their desktop you can expect to be able to install it from the Arch repositories within a short amount of time.

Nvidia drivers are always fresh on Arch which is a huge plus if you’re a gamer or on the lookout for the latest bug fixes.

I feared I might not have the expertise  to run Arch but found it to be pretty straightforward.  After running it as my main operating system for about a month there was only one pesky problem that almost forced me to give up on it.

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